The Movie Trailer For ‘Shivaay’ Has Shattered World Records By Getting Over 15 Million Views

This looks seriously good.

There are some hugely-anticipated films scheduled for release in 2016/17, but no trailer we’ve seen thus far has come close to matching the massive, collective 15 million+ views that ‘Shivaay’ has picked up on YouTube and Facebook within just 4 days.

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In fact the engagement is the biggest seen by any Bollywood film in history. Here’s why:

Holy shit that looks intense. Which can also be said for the film’s official blurb:

Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent everyman and yet is capable of TRANSFORMING into a mean DESTROYER when he needs to PROTECT his family.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Bollywood film in full but I reckon ‘Shivaay’ is a good place to start. It’s scheduled for general release on October 28, 2016.

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