Man Brutally Nuts His Mother After She Brings Home Wrong Chicken Burger

man chicken burger

Pow, right in the kisser.

30-year-old Derek Foreman was arrested recently after he ruthlessly headbutted his own mother after she brought home the wrong chicken burger.

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According to reports, an argument broke out in their home at the Oak Crest Manufactured Home Community in Largo, Florida, when she brought home a Chick-fil-A (apparently it’s some sort of takeaway joint in America).


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His Doris clearly made the wrong choice, as Foreman “became upset” and nutted his mother, causing her bottom lip to split. He has since been to court and was released from custody and directed to not have any contact with her. A criminal complaint report stated:

Def. and Victim had a verbal disagreement because the victim brought home Chick-fil-A and the Def. did not want to eat Chick-fil-A.

Fairplay – maybe she should’ve stuck with a safe old Maccy D’s instead. Foreman has also been fitted with a device that monitors his alcohol intake, so I’m assuming that the Chick-fil-A anger might’ve have been exacerbated by a cheeky bottle of whiskey.

Well, it’s a shame that a mother and son bond can be ruined by the wrong choice of fast food, but at least he only head butted her and didn’t kill her – not like this guy who quite literally killed his brother over a cheeseburger.


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