The Killer Clown Prank Is Back And It’s More Terrifying Than Ever

Killer clown prank funny

These never get old.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself the question of whether or not there’s anything scarier than being chased by a killer clown with an axe. I think the answer to that question can quite categorically be seen as no, unless it’s a killer clown with a chainsaw instead of an axe.

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This theory is totally proven by how shit scared people get in videos like the one you see below. In it, they’re just walking around minding their own business when out of nowhere, a killer clown with an axe appears and starts chasing them and they completely shit their pants. You can’t really blame them I suppose:

Yep, that is not something I ever want to have happen to me, even if it is a prank.

If this wasn’t scary enough, then check out some other killer clown prank videos here.


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