This New Killer Clown Prank Is One Of The Most Terrifying We’ve Ever Featured

Killer Clown Prank

Is there anything scarier than a killer clown?

There’s something about killer clowns that puts the absolute fear of God into most people that encounter them. I mean clowns are supposed to be fun and make you smile, not chase you around terrifying you and trying to kill you, right?

That’s why killer clown pranks are becoming more and more popular, and even people just acting like creepy clowns is becoming more prevalent. Who could forget that weird creepy clown that walked the streets of Northampton a couple of years ago? Did anyone ever find out what he was all about?

In this video, the notroious DM Scares – who are responsible for some of the most terrifying killer clown pranks ever committed – raise their game yet again as they head to Las Vegas for the next round of scaring the absolute crap out of people. There are dead bodies in petrol stations, creepy hotels, fake police cars and fake ambulances. Basically every situations where you would absolutely not want to encounter a killer clown.

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Yeah, rather them than me, especially in that petrol station one. Literally shit scary.

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