Dude Gets Stabbed In The Head At Estate Agent’s, Doesn’t Even Notice (VIDEO)


An estate agent’s CCTV camera captured the moment he was stabbed in the head, and remarkably didn’t even seem to realise.

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A 19-year-old walked into the shop and rammed the blade into the man’s head, and the man seems completely oblivious until he feels it poking out of his skull. I suppose it is the kind of thing you’ve got to double-check just to be sure.

Watch below — be warned, it is a video of a man getting stabbed in the head:

The incident took place in Kazakhstan Petropavlovsk, near the Russian border on Monday.

The victim was in hospital for a week and thankfully survived. Doctors said the blade had embedded one inch into his skull but luckily didn’t damage any significant part of his brain.

This classic scene from Old School springs to mind:

The attacker was arrested but it remains unclear what his motive was. Whatever his reasoning, it surely can’t be worse than the guy who stabbed both his parents because they left him out of their takeaway order.


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