Watch This Brave Dude Battle With A Horrifically Huge Tarantula

House spider


Normally when you think of a house spider, you imagine it to be a fairly modestly sized creature that can’t really cause any damage. But not this mother fucker, no. This is a next level arachnid, which would leave pretty much any average person running for the hills.

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Seriously, the dude in the video below deserves a medal for the way he handles this beast. Instead of smashing it with a book like most normal people would, he calmly eases the fucker onto his hand before carrying it out like a small child.

Fuck that. This video was made in Brazil and it looks like it’s their pet (nutters), so I don’t reckon we have to worry about any gargantuan spiders making their way into our houses just yet. But with the weather getting hotter, who knows? Maybe in a couple of years we too will have to wrestle tarantulas out of our homes. I do not look forward to that day.

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