Jennifer Lopez Fans Confused By Weird Guy In A Mask In The Background Of Selfie

This is freaky.

Jennifer Lopez probably thought nothing of it when she posted a new selfie of herself looking super fly and ripped with some kind of inspirational moment about going to the gym – she pretty much does the same thing every day – but this one was about to get a little bit more attention due to a weird guy wearing a mask popping up in the background.

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Take a look at the picture below and see if you can figure out where this dude is and what the hell he’s doing:


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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you… #CamoFriday @niyamasol 🤍

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Yeah, that’s really strange isn’t it? Here’s a closer look and a couple of the plethora of comments it spawned on her Instagram:

What the heck is that guy doing there? My best guess is that he’s some kind of lighting guy holding something there to make sure that it all pops off for J-Lo for her shot, but having said that I don’t even really know why she would need that as she can just edit the picture herself on Instagram? Other ideas I guess are that he’s some kind of prisoner trapped there or some guy working out/spotting her in her home gym. All of which would come with their own set of follow up questions.

Kinda weird that Lopez hasn’t addressed it yet considering how many people have reacted to it and just how weird it is, but I guess celebrities don’t really have to answer to that shit a lot of the time now do they? Probably never find out what was really going on.

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