Nobody Believes That A Fan Sent Jared Leto A Severed Ear, So He Posts A Picture On Instagram To Prove It (Kinda NSFW)

Jared Leto

I guess all reasonable doubt goes out of the window now he’s posted a picture of a severed ear on the internet, right?

Jared Leto

Fans can do some pretty crazy shit. Just look at all the people called Beliebers out there. Or the people who love heavy metal  music so much that they spend their lives playing in tribute bands of their favourite rock stars and trying to be them, rather than just making some of their own music and creating their own musical identity. I mean being a regular fan and just enjoying what someone is doing isn’t a bad thing, but some of these nutjobs really need to sort themselves out.

So it’s surprising that nobody believed Jared Leto earlier this week when he went on XFM and told everyone that a fan had once cut off his ear (the fan’s own ear, not Jared Leto’s ear) and sent it to him. This was in relation to him being asked if any fans had ever sent him weird gifts or presents BTW, he didn’t just come straight out with this.

Here’s what Jared Leto has to say about it: ‘”Someone cut their ear off once and sent it to me, that was very strange. The Van Gogh move. The note just said, ‘Are you listening?’. I never knew who it was or who’s missing their ear out there.”

XFM just figured that Jared Leto was joking about this but he continued with the story throughout the interview, even going as far as to say that he had poked a hole in the ear and wore it as a necklace in the past. Um, OK Jared Leto the story was about creepy fans but now you’re just kind of creepy. Although to be fair given how flamboyant and weird he is in 30 Seconds To Mars this isn’t exactly that surprising.

Anyway, everyone online and on his Twitter and wherever he went kept bugging him about this and that it wasn’t true, so he finally snapped and posted a picture of the alleged ear today on his Instagram, along with the comment (his capitalisation, not mine – PUNX) ‘ARE YOU LISTENING?’ There’s no way he could be lying now huh!?

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Jared Leto Severed Ear

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Well, actually there is as a bunch of people are already saying that it bears a startling resemblance to a product called the Bill Oberst Jr Severed Ear which claims to be the best severed ear in the business. I’m not sure what it’s up against but yeah, it does look pretty good to be fair. If I hadn’t have known any better I would have sworn it was real and Jared Leto was telling the truth though.

But unfortunately I do know better and yeah, it’s pretty much the exact same picture as the one that Jared Leto posted. It even has the rope/necklace part in so he didn’t even have to photoshop that in or do anything. Jared Leto you are a no good damn dirty liar. But I guess you had us going for a bit so fair play, it’s a better trick than most celebrities have ever played.

Check it out below if you don’t believe me. If you want to buy it then head on over HERE and scroll down a bit – FREE SHIPPING IN THE UNITED STATES WOW!

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Bill Oberst Jr Severed Ear


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