Justin Bieber Gropes A Belieber At A Meet And Greet



Justin Bieber Groper Featured

This is pretty jokes however you look at it or whatever the circumstances behind it were, mainly because of the completely jokes picture that you can see below. The story goes that Justin Bieber was doing a meet and greet for all the Beliebers down in Miami when suddenly out of nowhere he groped this Belieber. I guess he just couldn’t resist her boobies or something and had to go in for them. Welcome to Miami Justin Bieber, Beinvenido a Miami! Although having said that, in the picture above you can pretty clearly see her whispering something to Justin Bieber that probably went something along the lines of ‘Oh please Justin, please grab my boobies, my nipples are really pert and I want you to suck on them’ which might explain the picture below where Justin well, he just went for it I guess:

Justin Bieber Gropes A Belieber

Of course, that probably isn’t true considering the picture was posted on Justin Bieber’s official fan site (bieberfever.com, as if you didn’t know) so it was probably at least legitimate in some way, although I’m not sure how exactly that that could be because this photo is really inappropriately stupid? Gawker are saying that there are a couple of rumours going round about it but it is the Gawker writer who always makes stuff up so they probably aren’t actually rumours going around and they probably made them up themselves. Anyway,  there are only really a couple of possibilities as to why this photo exists in any case so even if they did make them up, chances are one of them will probably be correct.

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The first and most likely theory is that the Belieber probably just asked Justin to grope her for the photo because she’s sexually repressed and could only actually get laid/any action if she embraces her true calling and becomes a goth (come on, it isn’t just me that thinks this girl looks like a goth right?), which she’s trying to resist by listening to Justin Bieber and practicing as a Belieber. Considering how happy she looks in the photograph and she whispered something in Justin’s ear before it happened and given the fact that Justin is also giving her a kiss on the cheek and that she’s pretty butterz I would probably be inclined to go with this theory.

The second theory is that Justin went in to hug her and missed but I don’t believe this. Sure, if it was just a story about how he groped a girl and there wasn’t a picture I might believe it but this isn’t blurred or anything and looks like it’s pretty carefully choreographed so I’m thinking that both parties held this pose for a bit and wanted it to come out like this. Also, judging by both of their body positions I don’t think there is any way that Justin was actually going for a hug, I mean his hand is way too high up and the Belieber is all kinds of the wrong angle about it.

The third theory is that it’s a fake but the fact that it came from the official Justin Bieber fansite kinda locks this one down as you would think that the people that ran his official fansite would probably get that image off there almost as soon as it was posted on there if they didn’t want people to see it or it wasn’t real. No dice with that one guys.

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I did come up with another theory that Gawker didn’t think of  and that was that maybe the Belieber didn’t know about it and Justin Bieber just decided to grab her tits because he’s a dirty dirty dog and wanted to get some right there and then. Again, I find that unlikely because the girl isn’t all that – far from it in fact – and Justin Bieber can probably grab way better looking girl’s boobs after trying for about one second and also she’s looks like she’s enjoying it which again implies that the whole picture is premeditated. Unless the picture was taken after he suddenly grabbed them and the surprise has turned to a feeling of unease/joy, which is kind of what the picture conveys. Kinda. I still don’t really think that that is a possibility though, I mean it just doesn’t make any sense and too much about it doesn’t add up. It’s gotta be the first theory, right?

Anyway, I guess what everyone needs to get from this picture is that Justin Bieber is a man now and he’s horny and hot afraid to grope women wherever and whenever he (or they) want. Disappointingly (for the rest of the guys in the world at least) this probably makes every girl in the world super happy/horny. Get over to bieberfever.com already.

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UPDATE: Ok I wrote most of this around 5pm even though it wasn’t going to go up until 7pm and I just found the girl’s twitter account – with the loving handle @jocelynnbieber where she strenuously denies asking Justin Bieber to touch her boobs and said that she was just whispering to him that she snuck past security to get this chance to meet him. How cute huh?  So yeah, I dunno what happened with the picture I guess it must have been a genuine accident on Justin’s part but one that Jocelynn Bieber absolutely loved, as you can tell by her face in the picture and the way that she has posted it almost everywhere (it’s her twitter DP pic and probably her Facebook DP pic too) and her twitter feed is full of her retweeting people saying how jealous they are of her.

Also the picture has been deleted from Justin Bieber’s official fansite, which kind of implies maybe it wasn’t as legit as I thought it was when I first wrote this. I guess it was an accident that this girl has exploited to the fullest. These Beliebers man, they’ll do anything. Or the alternative is that Justin Bieber really is a dirty dirty dawg now and just wanted to grab him some titties when he saw them. I’m kinda unsure because I don’t want to think about the fact that Justin Bieber might be a serial horn dog/player now because it pretty much would mean that my and every other guy on the planet’s sex life might as well be over.

I just can’t figure it out. What do you guys think?

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