Jared Leto Is A Transvestite

Jared Leto Transvestite Featured

Jared Leto takes a break from 30 Seconds To Mars to pursue his one true calling in life – dressing up as women.

Jared Leto Transvestite Featured

Not really of course! Although some of the outfits he wears in 30 Seconds To Mars might have you thinking otherwise I guess. It turns out that even though SOMEHOW Jared Leto managed to switch from being a pretty successful actor to being the frontman of an incredibly successful rock band he hasn’t shaken the acting bug yet and is taking some time off from 30 Seconds To Mars’ touring schedule to return to the silver screen. Of course, as is always the case with these actor comebacks, he’s chosen to play a particularly controversial role and is stepping out as an HIV positive transvestie in his new movie The Dallas Buyers Club.

The movie  is apparently the true life story of a guy who is Matthew McConaughey who turns into a drug smuggler once he too gets knocked up by HIV. Sounds ago but also sounds a bit sickly and gross if it’s gonna feature loads of people looking like Jared Leto does in these pictures because they have HIV. Apparently Matthew McConaughey is almost unrecognisable in his role too and had to go on a liquid diet for 2 months before shooting started to get down to the required level of frailty. I don’t know if I would be that freaked out by a drug dealer who looked like that, but whatever. I’ll try and get some pictures of him later in the week for you.

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This post is all about Jared Leto and how freaky he’s looking in this movie compared to his usual boyish good looks and charm.  Jared Leto has waxed his leg, arms, armpits and eyebrows and just looks completely weird as a transvestite, like pretty much unrecognisable. And it only gets better when he puts on his costume for the movie, which obviously includes lipstick, earrings and some kind of headscarf. You can check out a bunch of pictures from the movie below. I’m not sure if it’s going to be any good – I mean the plot sounds OK but it doesn’t sound anything mindblowing – but I’m sure it’s bound to get a lot of attention for turning two heart throbs of the big screen into almost grotesque versions of themselves by their usual standards. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out but until then check these photographs and let us know what you think:

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