The Grossest Picture You Will See Today. Or Probably This Month.

This is really, really rank and pretty unbelievable too. You’ve been warned.

This is really, really, really, really creepy and gross. You look at the picture and you’re like hey, what’s that? Like seriously, what is it? Why is it gross? You don’t really know but you have some kind of inkling that it’s going to be really horrible. Then you find out and your body does one of those inadvertent shakes and you’re like ‘Oh my God that is so fvcking gross, I can’t believe that happened. Please let that never, ever happen to me.’ Are you ready for it?

Basically, a woman went to her local doctor in China because she had a really itchy ear. The doctor was like ‘yeah, OK, I guess we’ll take a look in there then’ and was promptly horrified by what he found in there. Check it out:

Spider in Ear

That’s right. A motherfucking spider had crawled into her ear and was now living there. Inside her ear. Just hanging out in her ear for five days, chilling, doing whatever it is that spiders do in people’s ears. That’s some Wrath of Khan shit right there.  Apparently it had crawled into her ear while she was asleep five days ago and promptly set up shop. The doctors were able to get it out fairly easily but Jesus Christ imagine being that woman. I don’t think I would ever feel clean or safe again, I mean a fvcking spider had been living in my ear for five days for fvck’s sake. That gives me the chills just thinking about it. Spiders give me the creeps at the best of times but if I found out that one of them had been living in my ear then I think I might have a nervous breakdown. It is fvcking gross. Try and enjoy the rest of your day I guess.


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