Japan Has A New Game Show Where Contestants Have To Sing Karaoke While Receiving Hand Jobs (NSFW)

Japan has done it again.

New Japanese game show ‘Sing What Happens Next’ is like some kind of sexual X Factor where contestants have to sing pitch-perfectly while getting wanked off, right up until they ejaculate. Here’s a slightly dodgy translation from the show summary:

In Japan, an original version of the show Sing what happens(Killer Karaoke) broadcasts on a premium channel and adult BS Sky cable! . In this program, several candidates must sing a song they learned by heart and not to be distracted by the young lady who is beside them and is masturbating them, sometimes with his hands, sometimes using his feet.

These candidates must carry a tune in absurd conditions, without being distracted and if possible until ejaculation. In the video above, this is the winner of the show, which achieved a score of 74 out of 100 and won a lot of products and sex toys, gel, etc …

Using his feet? Hopefully that’s just a messed up translation and the girls don’t actually use the guy’s own feet to wank him off. Either way, classic Japan adding an outrageous porn element to anything and everything they can. And how about those prizes eh? Sex toys, sex gel, all good stuff.

If you think this is crazy though, check out ‘Orgasm Wars‘ – where gay dudes try to get straight dudes to climax in a race against time. Laugh out loud funny.


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