Here’s Why The BBC Should Bring Back ‘Shooting Stars’

Shooting stars

The oddest quiz show in the history of British television.

When Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer hit our TV screens back in 1993, I don’t think anyone was prepared for what this comedy duo had in store.

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The surreal skits, nonsensical questions, strange catch phrases and obscene amounts of thigh-rubbing earned this series the title of “the oddest quiz show in the history of British television”.

During its long life span (the show ran until 2011) there were so many standout features – The Dove from Above, The Sweaty Fox, George Dawes and his overgrown baby costume, the song in the style of a club singer, to name a few. Not to mention the many team captains who featured over the years, including Ulrika (ka, ka, ka) Jonsson, Mark Lamarr, Johnny Vegas and Will Self.

To this day I still watch reruns of my favourite moments and they never cease to make me chuckle. I can’t think of many quiz shows like it and for that reason I am calling on the BBC to bring back the show, if only for one more season. Vic and Bob might be getting on a bit now, but I’m sure they’ve got a few more skits left in them. In celebration of this absolute British comedic staple, here are a few of their best bits:

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