Jamie O’Hara Gets Rinsed On Twitter And Is Forced To Delete His Account



Jamie O Hara Twitter Retirement

This is funny. Does anyone know who Jamie O’Hara is? I’m sure a few people who have decent football knowledge will remember him when he was trying to break through at Spurs and actually looked like he was fairly decent whenever he got a run out in the Europa league, but fewer of you will probably know that his career went really downhill and he’s now playing for Wolves. Eurgh Wolves. I couldn’t think of a grosser team to play for. Once Wolverhampton was voted the sixth worse place to live in the whole world. Can you believe that? THE WHOLE WORLD. That’s how bad it is. Google it if you don’t believe me. But anyway, Jamie O’Hara is probably more well known for his tweets now and the fact that he’s married to former Miss England Danielle Lloyd (No, I don’t really know he she is either but she’s probably pretty hot if she was a former Miss England) or his amazingly random twitter bust up with Leon Knight earlier this year. If you haven’t read that you should probably click on that link.

So yeah, when your only source of fame whatsoever is your twitter account you might find it surprising that someone like Jamie O’Hara is closing his, but yeah, he is. And guess why? You nailed it. He made ‘inappropriate remarks’ on it and was inundated with hatred from all the trolls all over the interent who have nothing better to do except berate celebrities. Love those guys. And what was it this time? Here’s a screengrab:

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Jamie O' Hara Twitter Screengrab 1

I mean yeah, it probably wasn’t really that much easier when he was on 100 pounds a week on WTS. What he probably should said was something like ‘things were so much easier when I was a kid/teenager’  because you know, that isn’t implying that earning 30G’s a week and playing football for a living isn’t hard or stressful compared to what most people do. Inevtiably, this provoked a shitload of outrage from people tweeting at Jamie O’Hara calling him a spoilt little millionaire or whatever and I guess you can’t really blame them because there is nothing more tiresome than millionaires tweeting about being unhappy or whatever. Still, if these dudes spent as much time as Jamie O’Hara playing football and not trolling him then maybe they wouldn’t be so unhappy in their own miserable little lives. Here’s a bunch of the replies:

Jamie O Hara Twitter Screen Grab 2

Jamie O Hara Twitter Screengrab 3


Jamie O Hara Twitter Screengrab 4

So yeah not really that bad but I guess it must have stressed old Jamie out a bunch having so many @replies on his twitter for once. Of course there are probably a bunch more of these and bunch more that were way more horrible, but it’s the interent Jamie, it’s not supposed to be taken seriously, chill out. He tried to justify his stance by going on a bit of a rant but – as happens with almost all celebrities ever on twitter – it only made things worse. Here are some more screengrabs of what happened afterwards, leading to his ultimate decision to leave twitter. Sorry about the quality on the last one but it was the only one I could find (He deleted his fvcking twitter account so I can’t screengrab it myself, OK?) and if I make it any bigger it just blurs even more.

Jamie O Hara Twitter Screengrab 5

Jamie O Hara Twitter Screengrab 6

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Yeah, those are pretty stupid things to say I have to agree. It just makes him look more and more like a spoiled millionaire with no sense of perspective on the rest of the world. Still, I saw this myself and I didn’t get all up on my high horse and start tweeting him about what an asshole he was (I had better things to do like run Sick Chirpse, you know?) but it doesn’t surprise me that every trolling idiot out there reacted to this and bombarded him with abuse. Standard. When will celebrities learn? If you’ve got a bunch of followers it’s probably not because people actually like you it’s probably because they think you’re a twat and they’re just waiting for you to tweet something that they can pounce on and abuse you about. Here’s betting that his Facebook page receives the same abuse eventually. Anyone know the URL?



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