Almost Famous Make Ridiculous Burgers (And Give You Free Shots)

Almost Famous Burger

If you ever want to know what it feels like to be destroyed by masses of filthy juicy meat then go and order this burger.

If you’ve ever been to Almost Famous in Manchester then you know what it feels like to be raped by masses of filthy juicy meat, because that’s what happens every time you stumble in there. Well the Northern Quarter burger joint (who are known for releasing absolutely ridiculous specials every weekend) have raised the bar to a whole another level with their latest Xmas special burger.

The burger stands over a foot tall and packs a heart attacking 13,000 calories, surely a world record.

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I kinda know the dude who flips the burgers in there so he sent over a couple of photos (see below). He also said he’ll hook up any one with a free shot this weekend if they say ‘Sick Chirpse’ at the bar.

Check how fvcking ridiculous this thing is:

Almost Famous Burgers

Almost Famous Burgers


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