ISIS Prisoner Moments From Death Pulls Off The Most Epic Escape Plan Ever (VIDEO)


Real life Jason Bourne.

ISIS seem to be losing whatever war they’re fighting, and it’s become so bad for them now that they can’t even execute prisoners without fucking up.

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At least that’s what seems to be going down in this video below – the Kurdish prisoner is being led to a ditch where he is presumably going to be executed, before he headbutts one of his captors, grabs his AK47 off him and seems to mow down the other two and rescue his fellow prisoners.

After that, the guy filming it drops to the floor and sounds like he’s been shot as he’s groaning a lot. Presumably the fact that the footage made it’s way onto the internet means that the dude made his escape to freedom like a real life Jason Bourne:

Absolutely sick skills right there, presuming it’s real of course. You never can tell with these propaganda videos and you’ve always got to question how they even made it to the internet in the first place.

Happy to believe that ISIS are getting their asses kicked though because they’re unbelievable assholes. It was cool the other day when an SAS sniper took out four of them with one bullet. Absolute baller.


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