The Ginger Emoji Is Now Available On iPhones

Ginger Emoji


It’s taken a long time for emojis to become politically correct but it’s hoped that today marks the last piece of the puzzle falling into place with the news that finally gingers are going to be represented as little tiny cartoon characters on your screen.

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It seems like all other colours and creeds have found their way into the emoji keyboard at this point but for some reason it was taking an exorbitant amount of time for our little ginger friends to crop up on it. That’s all changing today though as the public beta previews of the latest iOS update, iOS 12.1 are available and will feature the the yellow face with the ginger hairstyle for the first time.

These aren’t the only emojis that are being introduced today though, with a grand total of 70 coming to our screens. These include a couple of new hairstyles – for every ethnicity – as well as some cool random stuff like salt shakers, skateboards, teeth, compasses, magnets and crabs. Fantastic – here’s the full list:

Yeah, some great ones there hey? Probably the toilet paper is the one I can see myself using the most. You know, if someone has done a bit of a stinker. Not sure about the abacus or jigsaw and how I’m going to frame that into my everyday life, but hopefully I’ll be able to find a way eventually.

For more gingers, check out this one suffering third degree burns after he spent too much time in the sun. Loser.


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