Senior Citizens Are Having More Sex Than Ever And These Guys Have Revealed Their Secrets

Senior Citizens Sex Life

You might learn a thing or two.

I’ve occasionally wondered what will become of my sex life as I grow older, but it turns out that more senior citizens are boning than ever before and there’s actually a increase in STDs amongst the elderly population in America because they’re at it so hard. So that’s something positive to take from this article, if nothing else.

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Obviously, this was the kind of information that Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get to the bottom of, so he sent out one of his reporters into the field to interview some old people about their sex lives and to say that the results were entertaining would be an understatement. The old timers interviewed vary from the shy to the open to the senile, but everyone of them has a pretty eye opening thing to say about it all:

What a hoot that was. Gotta love that guy who was so senile he couldn’t even tell his joke properly, but the main thing I got from this was that people are still getting it on well into old age, which made me feel really positive about the future – and hopefully you too. Maybe you’ll be heading down to pound town well into your 80s too.

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