Watch Remi Galliard Get Battered In his Latest Prank


Remi keeping it real, as always.

In the age of YouTube celebrities and pranksters where every video is so important, it seems like a lot of these characters have resorted to faking their videos in order to stay relevant and get the views. Not Remi Galliard though.

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Remi Galliard seems like he’s 100% authentic and this can be observed yet again in his latest video in which he decides to dress up as a fireman and go up to people who are smoking with a fire extinguisher and spray it all over them. You can tell it’s real because the people aren’t happy at all and all actively attack him because of the prank:

Yeah probably not the best idea to blow a fire extinguisher all over angry looking stacked men if you don’t want to get attacked, but I guess that’s what he was banking on in order to make the prank video go viral. None of this fake shit with my man Remi Galliard.

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