Watch This Dude Learn The Hard Way That It’s Not Possible To Train A Crocodile

Crocodile Head Mouth

Wait for it.

You’ve gotta be an absolute nutcase to try and train wild animals that could literally kill you, but there are still a significant amount of nutcases out there who try and do it with varying results. The guy in the video is one of the unlucky ones.

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The footage was shot in Ko Samui, Thailand and the filmer had this to say about it:

A man performs free crocodile show for six people. Wasn’t meant to go ahead. He was showing off previous wounds From Bangkok including a missing finger from his last trick where an accident occurred. Watch until the end.

Guy sounds like he should try out another career because all those wounds don’t sound so good and this latest one is even more embarrassingly painful. He sticks his head in between the jaws of the animal and well, you can probably guess what happens next:

Ouch, that’s not so good. Considering those guys can gnaw off people’s arms, you’ve really got to wonder about the damage that it can do to somebody’s head when it clamps down on it. I would say lesson learned, but this guy will probably be putting his head back in crocodile’s mouths in no time at all. Idiot.

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