ISIS Fighter Bawls His Eyes Out After Being Captured By Kurdish Forces (VIDEO)



This guy’s devalued the macho, death mongering rhetoric of ISIS a notch or two with this video. In this footage you can see an ISIS fighter weeping pretty pathetically after being taken prisoner by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are currently locked in battle with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

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The terrified extremist is shown moments after being Tasered, bound in the back of an armoured van as he awaits his fate. The Kurdish soldiers look on in amusement at their crying captive, who is wearing civilian clothing and a makeshift blindfold.

It’s unclear where the incident took place, although it is suspected it took place in Iraq. The Kurdish flag is flying in the background, and a second prisoner can be seen sitting quietly in the truck.

The video was originally uploaded last December, but has since re-emerged, attracting lots of attention on social media.

Not good PR that, is it? Mind you, ISIS’s public image has been taking a real battering of late (as if it wasn’t already mega shit to begin with), with 4Chan users reimagining jihadists as toy ducks, and Belgians flooding Twitter with pictures of cats just to disrupt ISIS terrorists.

Throw into the mix mad guys like Abu Azrael: the Rambo of the Middle East who’s on the case of ISIS and Russia doing things like this, and you’ve got one hell of a world of pain for the ISIS lads.


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