ISIS Have Released A New English Speaking Video Directly Threatening The UK And US

ISIS Video English

This is their most chilling video yet.

Following the horrific Paris terror attacks a couple of weeks ago, the whole Western world seems more united and determined than ever to track ISIS down and obliterate the organisation, but ISIS unfortunately don’t seem too fazed about it and are still using social media to try and install fear about their next terrorist attack.

In their latest video, which you can see below, they’ve chosen to speak in English and have directly targeted the US and UK. This follows on from a video they released last week in which they seemingly threatened to blow up Times Square with a suicide bomber.

This video is packed with unsubstantiated claims that sound kind of terrifying but don’t really have any basis in reality. Nevertheless, if you’re likely to get scared then don’t watch it, because it is downright chilling.

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Geez. Although that’s produced fairly well and has a nice voiceover, a lot of it isn’t based in reality with some of the ‘facts’ paraded out in it – such as the fact that Khilafah’s territory is larger than Britain, and eight times the size of Belgium and 6500 returning US soldiers killing themselves every year – being completely unconfirmed. There’s no need to shit yourself just yet.

However, the words that the US is still haunted by its failures in Afghanistan and Iraq may well hit home. Still, most of it is bullshit and that’s the important thing to remember and not to let them scare you – it’s only a matter of time before we shut these fuckers down. Even if all Anonymous are doing at the moment is rick rolling them, it’s still helping.


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