Belgians Are Tweeting Pictures Of Cats To Confuse ISIS Terrorists


Disrupting the terrorists, one cat at a time.

This isn’t just the internet’s addiction to cats gone mad, it’s actually terrorist trolling at its finest. Brussels is under lockdown whilst police carry out operations across the city, so speculation is rife on social media — but officials have warned Belgians and the press not to share any details about the operations on social media.

Hence now people are flooding Twitter with pictures of cats to confuse terrorists. Check out some of Twitter’s best below:

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Armed forces swooped on the Belgian capital earlier this evening, guarding hotels and telling locals to stay inside.

Guests at the Radisson Blu were told to stay inside as the hotel came under heavy guard.

A spokesperson for the hotel said:

There is no imminent threat, but we want our guests to keep as safe as possible.

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The alert comes after ten jihadists attacked a Radisson Blu hotel in Mali and held around 170 people hostage, killing at least 27. It has since emerged that the terrorists were hunting members of an Air France crew which were believed to have been staying there at the time.

Brussels has endured a heightened terror alert since the Paris atrocities. It will see Brussels in lock-down for a third day as the international community prepares to intensify action against Islamic State.

The cat-twitter hijinks bring a touch of humour to an otherwise very serious situation. If the cat trolling disrupts Belgian terrorists at all, then all the better.


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