Photo Emerges Of Beheaded Kurdish Soldier Named Rehana Who Killed More Than 100 ISIS Terrorists

Task Force Black can’t do their jobs soon enough.

The woman known as ‘Rehana’, who became an Internet sensation a couple weeks back after single-handedly killing more than 100 ISIS terrorists, has been captured and killed.

Rehana’s face and particularly the photo above had become synonymous with the Kurdish resistance movement after going viral a couple weeks back.

A gruesome picture has been doing the rounds on Twitter showing her head being held up in the air by an ISIS member. The Kurdish Women’s Defense Unit hasn’t confirmed the death, but they are expected to shortly.

More than 10,000 women have helped defend the Syrian border town of Koban over the last month or so.

These are some of the bravest and toughest women on the planet, putting their lives at risk just like Rehana did…


kurdish women 3

Task Force Black can’t do their jobs soon enough.


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