Iranians Are Pissed About Iran’s New Morality Police Spying On Women

Living in Iran sounds like the absolute worst.

Iran’s morality police have been around for decades, but the new and improved size of the unit has taken many in the country by surprise.

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Outraged Iranians have taken to social media to condemn the decision to deploy 7000 undercover police officers in Tehran to enforce the following rules:

Report women for the improper wearing of the hijab (and to ensure a woman’s veil covers her in public as required)

Report anyone who harasses women (this one’s actually fine)

Report anyone who plays loud music in their cars and violates traffic rules

The people of Tehran are calling this a “tragic waste of human resources” on what they consider to be ill-placed priorities. They’d prefer that enforcement resources be spent on more important issues like the economy, fighting persistent corruption, smuggling and bribery.


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Facebook user Mitra Mirzaee summed it up nicely:

It’s meant to frighten people. They want to create the feeling that people are constantly being watched and they also want to increase distrust among people” and to occupy them with worthless things in order to prevent them from focusing on the major existing problems.

Another, Judith Sugden-Smith, added:

The 7,000 could be employed in constructive, productive jobs beneficial to society.

@SadafHafezy says:

I cannot believe how far they can go to make people miserable. According to the mind-set of the authorities… not wearing a hijab is worse than embezzlement.

There are some braindead Iranians who back the move however, like Kiyan Aylia:

Arrest these ladies without hijab and also their husbands because they are supporting them. Then clean my Iran of these [people] by sending them in exile to the West. Let them enjoy their life there.

As much as we sometimes bitch and moan about our own government here in the UK, it’s easy to forget how good we’ve really got it. Living in Iran sounds absolutely shite.

Another worry is that as this lot are undercover, anyone can pretend to be morality police and thus MORE women are likely to end up being harassed.

Syria and Iraq are already fucked with mindsets like this and let’s not even get started on Saudi Arabia too (they don’t even let women drive FFS). Employing 7000 people to spy on women and grass up people who play loud music? Sort it out Iran.

Who are we kidding – this is the country that sent a woman to jail for watching a volleyball game and 6 teenagers to jail for dancing to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’.


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