Instant Karma: Dude Gets Caught Stealing A Package Off Someone’s Porch & Pays The Price For It

Well that didn’t exactly go to plan.

A would-be thief who swiped a package from someone’s front porch got a healthy dose of instant karma after the homeowner caught him walking off with his parcel moments later and marched him back to his front door where he administered a well-deserved pummeling.

Just completely unfortunate timing on the thief’s part:

Oof. Had him hobbling off like an injured panda at the end there. What I don’t understand is why in America they leave the parcel outside your front door when you’re not home? I mean imagine spending money on something then when it gets delivered it’s just left outside the front of your house ready for someone to steal. In the UK they either leave it with your neighbour or take it to a local depot for you to collect later. Maybe that’s how it is in the US as well but this delivery guy couldn’t be arsed to do his job properly?

Either way, let’s hope this thief learnt his lesson and is done swiping other people’s property from outside their homes. Or maybe he’ll be back for revenge after realising his ass-whooping went viral? I’d advise against it, from the looks of things.

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