Kim Kardashian Slammed For Bragging About ‘Private Island Birthday Party’ During Pandemic

What was she thinking?

When the rest of the world is locked down and struggling during a global pandemic, it’s probably not a great idea to make a whole Twitter thread about your 40th birthday party and how you flew out your ‘closent inner circle’ to a private island to pretend like life has some semblance of ‘normality’ again.

But then again, no one can read the room quite like a Kardashian can:

Jesus. How tone deaf can you get? Fair enough if you’re privileged enough (as she acknowledges) to throw a private island birthday party in the middle of a global pandemic, but I don’t understand why she felt the need to share it with everybody on social media. Well I do understand – she’s a celebrity and this is what she does, but even still – how could she not see the backlash coming?

At the same time, I don’t want to hate on this move too hard because a part of the backlash is obviously jealousy. It’s the bit where she says only her ‘closest inner circle’ was selected to go that makes me almost cringe myself to death. Besides, it looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Just click through the slide show below and see for yourself:


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TBH I always imagine these ‘social media influencer’/celebrity parties as spending 95% of the time taking pictures and the other 5% standing around thinking about the next picture they’re going to take, but according to Kim there was kayaking, dancing, bike riding, and so much more! Conspicous by his absence though – Kanye West. Can’t be partying on private islands for your wife’s 40th when there’s an election next week I guess.

In any case, the memes came through thick & fast:

Come to think of it, it’s possible the Kardashians are so in tune to what works on social media that they made it maximum out of touch on purpose. They’ll take all the publicity they can get, good or bad, especially in these times where coronavirus is starving so many celebrities of attention. That’s just what the Kardashians do.

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