Thief Breaks His Ankle During Robbery And Begs Victim Not To Call Police

Karma can be so beautiful.

Have you ever had someone do something really terrible to you, like maybe cut you up in traffic, and just wish their car would skid off the road and wrap itself around a pole? Yeah that’s probably a bit excessive. But still I wouldn’t mind watching the guy who just robbed my phone break his ankle into a million pieces.

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Watch below:

Classic. Even better than having him go to prison in my opinion. Even if you don’t believe in karma you’ve just got to love the beauty of this guy begging for mercy from the same guy he just tried to rob seconds earlier. Just lucky he didn’t cross someone who would have stood on his ankle until the police got there.

Love the guy telling him to get the fuck off his yard too. For more criminal comeuppance — click HERE.


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