Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders

This cheerleader slips over so hard that she gets knocked out cold. Ouch.

Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders

I haven’t played basketball on a real basketball court like the one featured in this video for a long time. In fact, I’m not even sure if the basketball courts in the gym at my old school even count as real basketball courts, but it was the closest I ever got to playing on a real basketball court I guess.

Anyway the point I was making was that when you play on a real basketball court they actually get pretty slippy so I can sympathise with the cheerleader in this video because something like this kinda happened to me back in school. Only there wasn’t even anyone else on the court at all when it happened to me, whereas this happened on national (or at least state) television and is probably being broadcast all over the world too on YouTube. Unlucky.

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Basically what happened to me was that we were playing unihoc or something and there were only a couple of good sticks because the rest were beaten to shit. So I ran to the back of the gym where they were kept to get a good one, but because the floor was so slippy I completely stacked it and flew up in the air and landed real badly on my back. It caned and I didn’t even get to play unihoc that day. What a klutz.

Anyway, this cheerleader is cheering for the Atlanta Hawks during some basketball match where she did exactly what I did only she slips going forward and because she had a lot of momentum because she was doing a routine or whatever she just completely stacks it and faceplants onto the floor. Hard. She’s knocked the fuck out. See ya later. We shouldn’t really laugh but then it’s pretty hilarious so we kinda gotta.

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My favourite part of the whole thing though is how it comes in after an ad break and there’s just a girl unconscious on the floor with loads of paramedics around here. Like everyone in the States would be watching it and drinking beers and burping and be like ‘what the heck? I wanted some more basketball action not soe girl lying unconscious on the floor. What the hell happened?’ It would be cool if something like that happened during a football match once. It never will though because we don’t have stupid things like timeouts so we can get more ad breaks in. And that’s better.

Anyway check out the video below:

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