ODEON Are Now Renting Out Their Cinema Screens For Gaming

Prices start at £100.

If there’s one industry that has been hit massively by the pandemic then it’s cinemas, with attendances massively down since they re-opened and showing no sign of getting better any time soon as big movie studios continue to delay their blockbuster movies or release them straight to VOD so there’s literally no reason to go to the movies anymore.

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In a desperate bid to stay open and not go bankrupt, ODEON have today announced that they’re going to open up some of their screens for private rental so that you can play video games on them. The cinema chain announced the new initiative via Twitter and an event that they set up for YouTuber PewDiePie’s birthday where he played Super Smash Bros on the big screen:

Alrite Ruski calm down mate, I’m sure they’ll reply to you fairly promptly as they’re pretty desperate for bookings and need the money. Just give them a couple of hours.

As for the deal though, I’ve gotta say it sounds pretty awesome to rent out a cinema screen to play video games and £100 seems like a fairly reasonable price if you get it for a few hours, as that’s enough time to have a bit of FIFA tournament/league with five of your mates. Or I’m sure it would be fun to do the same with ‘Super Smash Bros’ or whatever, I’m just not so familiar with all those games.

Maybe book it out for your birthday party as there’s not much else we’re ‘legally’ allowed to do at the moment and it’s probably only going to get worse. Make the most of it whilst you can.

For more of the same, check out this study that one found that going to the cinema was the equivalent of a light workout. Those were the days.


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