Influencer Sobs As Octopus She Tried To Eat Alive Destroys Her Face (VIDEO)

Squiddly’s revenge.

Aside from THAT scene in Oldboy, filming yourself eating a live octopus for the sake of entertainment is just kinda barbaric and dumb – not to mention, has some serious potential to backfire.

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One vlogger learned the hard way recently when she decided to have a go at the South Korean delicacy, only for the plucky mollusk to snap back. And boy did it put up a good fight.

The footage of the social media influencer, who goes by the name “Seaside Girl Little Seven”, was uploaded to the Chinese video sharing platform Kuaishou.

As you can see, just after she tries to, you know, eat the poor creature alive, it latches onto her face with its tentacles and refuses to let go. At the start she can be heard crying “look how hard it is sucking”, before telling her followers that it is “painful” and “I can’t remove it”.

When she eventually manages to get it off, a tiny amount of blood can be seen on her cheek, to which she declares “my face is disfigured”.

Although you would’ve thought she’d learned her lesson, Seaside Girl added that she’ll “eat it in the next video”. What the!? Surely the entire ordeal is enough to put anyone off eating live animals, particularly ones that can fight back. Here’s hoping she changed her mind and Squiddly’s life was spared.

For more on why eating live octopuses (octopi?) is a terrible idea, here’s footage of one leaping out of the ocean and killing a gigantic crab. Gulp.


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