Baby Reindeer’s Real Martha Says She Was ‘Used’ By Piers Morgan



Fiona Harvey AKA the real-life Martha Scott from Baby Reindeer has filmed her interview for Piers Morgan Uncensored ahead of its release at 8PM tonight, and she’s already complaining about the questions Piers Morgan asked her.

Harvey told The Daily Record that she was “not happy” with Piers’ questioning her about Richard Gadd:

“There was a heavy emphasis from Piers on Gadd and the emails I am supposed to have sent.

“I have my own thoughts on it that I’d like to keep to myself but I wouldn’t say I was happy. It was very rapid to try to trip me up. He did it fast paced to catch me off guard.

“Piers kept saying to me ‘are you sure you haven’t sent this guy 41,000 emails and phone calls?’. A lot of the interview, for a good 10 minutes, he kept coming back to this.

“I said, ‘Look, Even if I had sent some emails, it doesn’t mean I’m guilty of the rest of the stuff. As I said, in order to bill something as a true story, it’s got to be pretty much 100% true.

“It seemed to me that I was set up. I feel a bit used.”

What did she expect – that Piers Morgan wasn’t going to ask her a bunch of questions about Richard Gadd? Interrupting you and beating you up with the same question over and over is what Piers Morgan does. Come on Fiona, you had to have seen that coming!

Fiona, who says she was paid only £250 for the interview, added:

“Piers said it went well. He referred to it as a sparring match. He landed a few punches on me and I landed a few punches on him.

“He asked me if I loved Richard Gadd and I said you’ve got to be joking.”

On how the interview was set up, Fiona said:

“Piers contacted me last week about going on his show and, of course, I agreed. This Morning and everybody else has been chasing me.

“I’ve had people telling me they are publicists or agents but it’s difficult to know who to trust. I’ve had people using the most foul language on the phone telling me they could make me a lot of money.

“How all these people got my phone number I just don’t know but it’s been hell. Then Piers and his people got in touch and I said yes because he’s the best of them all and is seen by an awful lot of people.”

Bit annoying when people track down your number and keep pestering you with calls, isn’t it? Anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the interview panned out tonight. Hopefully they don’t edit it down and make Fiona Harvey look anything other than the well-adjusted, model citizen she is. Maybe she can use it as a springboard to bigger and better things, like putting out her own version of events in a book or something? At this point she may as well milk it for all its worth and make some $$$ on the way.

For the Daily Mail journalist who claims Fiona Harvey is stalking him after he interviewed her last week, click HERE. Watch out, Piers!



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