This Octopus Jumping Out Of The Water And Eating A Crab Is Proof We’re All Completely Doomed

Octopus Attacks Crab

Evolution, man.

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Even though they aren’t exactly the weirdest creatures in the ocean, octopuses are absolutely terrifying creatures that scare the crap out of me, and this video just makes them even scarier.

It was filmed over in Western Australia and it involves an octopus totally sneak attacking a crab. The thing is, the octopus itself jumps out of the water to attack the crab and is absolutely rapid – I had no idea they ate crabs or that they could jump out of the water and attack them so effectively. The video ends with the octopus dragging the crab back into the water to eat it. Grim.

The video was shot by a girl named Porsche Indrisie who aptly works in the a seafood restaurant. She had this to say about it:

I don’t know why I started filming it, but I always have a camera in front of my face. It really was just a random moment.

I was just so surprised the octopus could leap out of the water like that.

Yeah, I think anyone would be girl. Evolution, man.


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