Katie Price To ‘Expose Celebrity Who Assaulted Her’ 15 Years After Vowing She Never Would



Katie Price is set to expose the household name she claims raped her after 15 years of stating she never would.

Back in 2009, Katie Price alluded to the incident on her reality show What Katie Did Next, saying:

‘I was raped by a celebrity but no, I’ll never name him, I just don’t want the drama. I don’t even know if he knows that I’ve spoken about him, I doubt he does.’

Around the same time, a friend claimed to The Mirror that the assault took place in London’s West End after a party with the man turning violent after ‘not getting his way’. The friend said Katie had been ‘too scared’ to report it after he ‘made a move for her throat’, and was left ‘devastated’ by the incident.

Katie Price

In an interview with The Guardian last year, she spoke about the assault once again, stating that ‘a lot of people with status’ can ‘get away with things’.

‘People cover up for them and a load of people get paid off.’

With her seventh (!) autobiography, This Is Me, coming out this July, Katie Price is finally set to name the man who she claims raped her.

‘This is by far the most intimate look into my life to date, celebrating 30 years in the spotlight. I’m finally telling the FULL story behind the headlines and I’m not holding back.’

Obviously these kinds of allegations should always be taken seriously and it’s pretty sad that Katie Price never felt the need to expose this guy before, but a cynic might wonder why she’s finally decided to reveal this information now that she’s facing her second bankruptcy, is in all sorts of legal trouble, and wants to put it in her new book rather than in a police report.

Again, not saying I don’t believe her (she became a Playboy model at 17 ffs, I’m sure she’s met some nefarious characters), but it’s sure to be major story especially if this guy is as famous as Katie Price insists he is.

Katie Price age 17

According to her friend (read: PR team) that spoke to The Sun, this is the reason why Katie is speaking out 15 years later after the incident:

‘After all the me-too stuff she thinks if other people have revealed their sex attackers, why can’t I?

‘She vows this will be her most shocking book ever, and she’s ready to name and shame.’

#MeToo was 7 years ago, but OK, fair enough. Better late than never! I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out in a couple months time when the book is out.

To watch Katie Price break down the time she took Gareth Gates’s virginity when he was 16, click HERE.



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