When Double-Barrelled Names Are Definitely Not Appropriate

Double Barrelled Surnames Featured

Double barrelled surnames can be really classy, but there are times when they should never ever be used under any circumstances. These are those times.

Double-barrelled names. I’m not really too sure of the point of them but I guess it has something to do with women not wanting to lose their family name when they get married and retaining some semblance of their former self before their marriage, and I’ve got to admit it can be pretty charming/nice when couples do it, and also pretty modern.

However, there are definitely some instances when they should not be allowed under any circumstances, and you can see a few of these train wrecks below. I’ve no idea how the people involved in these pictures didn’t realise that they would be ridiculed forever on the internet when they decided to adopt these names, or how anybody they know didn’t manage to point it out to them before they made it official is completely beyond me. Some people are just so stupid.

Check out the horror shows below. Imagine how bullied their kids are going to get.

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