Iggy Azalea Just Quit Social Media Because People Were Saying Uncomplimentary Things About Her Butt

Doesn’t she have a song named ‘Booty’?

Iggy Azalea is just the absolute worst at being famous. Just not cut out for it in the slightest. From using her own personal phone to order a pizza from Papa John’s, to beefing with Eminem and pissing off Anonymous, to freaking out and spitting at paparazzi… it’s like she never even went to celebrity school at all.

So it’s no wonder she just returned from a nice relaxing holiday and decided enough was enough:

Hey now, that last Tweet stung a little. No need to get personal Iggy.

Seriously though, quitting the Internet because some random idiots you’ll never meet said you’ve got a fat ass? That’s what the Internet’s here for – for those idiots to vent and feel better about themselves. Maybe try shutting your haters down the way Ariana Grande did last week and people will realise you’re not to be messed with.

Anyhoo, never forget:


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