Watch These Crazy South African Dudes Drive Around Cape Town Cutting Off Strangers’ ‘Top Knot’ Hairstyles

Top Knot

Finally, someone is standing up against one of the worst hairstyles ever seen.

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If you’ve been out of your house in the last year or so, then chances are you’ve probably encountered someone wearing their hair in a top knot which just looks so crap and stupid that it probably immediately fills you with rage and makes you want to punch them. In fact you’ve probably seen them if you’ve spent the last year in your house too because they’re all over the internet as well. They’re literally the worst hairstyles ever, even worse than any in this collection.

Unfortunately, nobody has really decided to do anything about them – until now that is. The South African comedy/music group Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues have taken to the streets of Cape Town in South Africa in order to try and defend the world against this monstrosity. They literally drive around in their car until they find some unsuspecting idiot with a top knot hairstyle and then sneak up behind him, snip it off and leg it off with it. Genius.

Obviously there’s no way to tell if this is actually real and not a set up – and it would also help if the one guy wasn’t the biggest hipster ever, complete with moustache, ironic t-shirt and neck tattoo – but it seems pretty genuine and I’m glad someone is even attempting to do stuff like this, because the top knot pretty much epitomises everything that is terrible with society these days.


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