Worst Christmas Present Ever – Dapper Laughs Is Back

Dapper Laughs Back

Nobody wanted to see this cunt again.

Remember back in November when literally everyone became outraged over Dapper Laughs and his ‘comedy’ and the backlash was so large that Daniel O’Reilly was literally forced to retire the character in an interview on Newsnight?

We were hoping that was the last we would see of that moron, but Daniel O’Reilly has delivered us all the Christmas present that nobody asked for and brought the character back in the stupid comeback video you can see below.

As usual, it involves some crumby jokes and sees Dapper in heaven (surely a mistake?) where he confronts O’Reilly and reveals that he’s heading back to Earth and our Vine/Twitter/social media accounts. Hopefully he’ll stay off our TVs though.


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