The Smiths Just Ripped Into Donald Trump With This Secret Record Message

Trump will kill America.

We all know Morrissey to be a liberal, left-wing, opinionated vegetarian, so it makes sense that he would give his two cents on the whole ‘Trump as POTUS’ saga.

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Fans who bought The Smiths’ recent limited edition 7-inch on this year’s Record Store Day (22nd April) discovered the band’s crystal clear message etched on the vinyl:

Trump will kill America.

Donald Trump

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There’s no arguing with that. Featuring two previously unreleased tracks, the record was an exclusive UK release, despite the fact that the message is distinctly aimed at America. The A-side is a demo mix of The Boy With the Thorn in his Side, while the B-side includes an early Drones Studios version of Rubber Ring.

It wasn’t long after fans started buying the record that they discovered the secret message:

What a touch. Although I highly doubt Trump is going to lose any sleep over it – he probably doesn’t even know who The Smiths are. For more music related Trump run-ins, check out the time Keith Richards pulled a knife on him.


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