8 People You Will Meet In Every Gym

A handy guide to spotting all creatures great and small lurking in your gym. How many do you recognise?

Gym Bunnies

gym bunny girl

Assorted into female and male categories. Female gym bunnies are the young women who totter around in their perfect bodies, wearing as little as they legally can in a public space. They wear earrings, make-up and have their hair neatly styled or braided especially for the occasion. They’re in the gym for two hours a day, in which time they manage to do 25 crunches. They have a superhuman ability not to sweat when they do venture to work out and are objects of loathing and disgust to the average female gym goer, whilst being objects of desire and temptation to the average male gym goer.

The male version of a gym bunny wears ridiculous loose tank tops with gaping necklines which scoop underneath their nipples. Guys, let’s quit this fraudulent act and just be gone with that shirt altogether. It’s a joke and an insult to the hardworking t-shirt which covers a torso with gusto and is about seven threads away from violating your gym’s no nudity policy.

gym bunny boy men

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