You Can Now Make A Giant Twix With This Recipe

Giant Twix

It only involves three ingredients and no baking.

If you’re really lonely this Valentine’s Day and feeling pretty terrible about it, what better way to get over it than by making and indulging in a giant Twix? You know everything is so much better when it’s bigger, right? Even better it only requires three ingredients and doesn’t even require baking.

Here are the ingredients:

  • 375g good quality milk chocolate
  • 1 bag of Werther’s original chewy caramels
  • 30 shortbread biscuits to fit a loaf tin

The recipe is basically a layering job, as you pour in the chocolate to your tin, add caramel, then add biscuit and freeze and microwave accordingly at different points so that it all stays together. You can see it explained much better then I can type in the video below. Enjoy – but don’t smoke it like these kids smoke their regular Twix bars, who knows what might happen?


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