Fresher Found Dead In Halls On First Night Of Uni


A student at Kent University has been found dead in her halls during her first week.

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The girl, 18, was found just after 8.30am on Sunday at her campus in Canterbury, just 24 hours after registering.

Molly Hope, another student, was working at the halls at the time and saw the emergency services when she arrived: 

We were moving everyone in and it was a really positive and happy experience on Saturday.

We arrived Sunday morning to continue helping students moving in but there were ambulances and police cars outside of Tyler Court.

We were informed that there had been an incident and access to the flat in question was blocked off.

We were told to move aside as the ambulance crew left the premises. Shaken students started coming out of their rooms and we had to calm them down.


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Meanwhile Kent University said in a statement:

Police are not treating the death as suspicious. Next of kin have been informed and support is available for students and staff.

Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

It’s not known right now what was the cause of death. Either way, it’s a tragic end to a life and RIP to the girl that has died – thoughts go out to her family.


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