The First Clips Of The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones Have Finally Been Released

Game Of Thrones 8

Not long until 2019.

It’s been a long long time since we’ve seen any new episodes of Game Of Thrones – coming up to a year now I think – and as I’m sure we all know by now, we’re not going to see the final season until sometime early next year.

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Whilst that’s a  major bummer for all of us fans out there, it does allow us to get even more excited about the returns of Jon Snow, Daenerys, Sansa et al when they finally arrive, and until then we’re gonna get super excited whenever we see any clips of the new series or hear any details about it. The first of these arrived yesterday when HBO released their new showreel for next year, promoting all the new and returning shows that would be happening next year.

There’s a significant amount of Game Of Thrones content in there, but not enough to really give anything way:

Yeah I mean that isn’t that revelationary is it because we knew there was a war coming and whose side everyone would be on and that the dragons would be involved, but it’s still nice to see that it’s actually happening and winter is finally coming one last time. Just wish it would bloody well hurry up, yknow?

If anything, I’m probably slightly more interested in all the other shows that HBO are putting out these days. Back in the day I used to know everything they released but since the advent of Netflix and AMC etc they haven’t really been on my radar. None if it really looked that good true, but at least it’s on my radar now I guess.

For more Game Of Thrones, check out the official Game Of Thrones emojicons. That’ll occupy my time in the run up.


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