Feminist Blogger Makes Bread Using Yeast From Her Own Vagina (Possibly NSFW)


A feminist blogger by the name of Zoe Stavri has pulled off what has to be one of the grossest moves in history after using her own vaginal yeast to create sourdough bread.

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Zoe discovered she had thrush and so scraped some yeast off a dildo and put it all in a mixing bowl.

Here’s how it played out in her live-Tweets:

She wrote in a blog post afterwards:

It’s caused quite a lot of visceral horror, because I bunged something a little bit unconventional in the starter: yeast from my vagina.

Making sourdough starter entails encouraging stuff that’s present in the flour and just sort of floating around in the air in your kitchen and on your utensils to grow.

That’s what wild yeast is. If that idea sickens you, avoid all sourdough, because that’s what it’s made of, but remember, people have been making and eating sourdough for millennia, and the human race hasn’t died out yet. All I’ve done is add a little bit of my own yeast.

Well, in all my years on the Internet, I’ve seen people get their heads cut off, 25 year old blackheads getting popped, insanely huge live insects being picked out of people’s ears… but THIS is the story that nearly made me puke all over my laptop.

At the same time I accept that this is quite a powerful feminist move that Zoe has pulled off — after all men can’t create bread using yeast from their own bodies can they? Or maybe they can, not sure, but anyway while Zoe has shown men that there’s something women can do that no man can, at the same time hasn’t she kind of re-inforced an old stereotype about women and the kitchen? The very same stereotypes she seems pissed off about in her other blog posts.

So yeah, all in all an impressive albeit disgusting feat, but also one that kind of works against her in a way.

P.S. Never forget — the girl who put her used period pads on display in an art museum (NSFL).


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