VIDEO: Disgusting Removal Of A 25 Year Old Blackhead

Blackhead Removal

Why would it take you 25 years to have a blackhead removed when it can grow to be THIS big?

I don’t know how any self respecting woman would let a blackhead fester on and inside their skin for 25 years, but this woman right here chose to for some reason. And then to make the whole thing even more disgusting she chose to have its removal filmed, so everyone could see how gross it actually was.

The whole process takes about six minutes because the blackhead is actually that humongous and takes that long to get out of her pore. To make the whole process even more rank, the people digging it out with a needle aren’t even wearing gloves, so who knows what crap they’ve caught from taking part in this.

If you don’t want to watch the entirety of the six minute video, it starts to get ‘good’ around the 4:30 mark when you finally get to see the size of what they’re dealing with. It might make you want to puke though.

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