Facebook Messenger Is Getting A New Unsend Message Button That Gives You Ten Minutes To Delete Messages

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It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

Ever send a message that you instantly regret and wish you hadn’t but the other person hasn’t seen it yet but there’s literally no way for you to delete it without them knowing?

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The answer to that question is of course ‘yes’ and whilst Whatsapp did recently introduce a feature where you can delete messages, this normally causes more trouble than its worth as it leaves a big ‘deleted message’ icon in its place. Of course the person is gonna question you about what that was about until you finally tell them aren’t they? Whatsapp also only give you seven minutes to do this as well, so you’ve really gotta be on your toes as well.

Facebook Messenger has chosen to improve upon this formula by offering you a whole ten minutes to delete your message now before it gets read. An extra three minutes to toss and turn over whether it’s a good idea to drunk text your ex at 4am again – fantastic. Here’s the official announcement:

Sounds good. Unfortunately there’s no news yet on whether the person that you sent it to is going to be able to see that you deleted a message to him which is the information that we really want to know, but let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that it appears like nothing ever happened there. Please for the love of God do that. Please.

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