Ed Sheeran Just Revealed The Real Reason He Deleted His Twitter Account

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There’s more to it than his GoT cameo.

A lot of people (myself included) thought that Ed Sheeran was being a bit of a pussy earlier this week when he deleted his Twitter account following a public backlash over his cameo appearance in ‘Game Of Thrones’, but the singer has come out to deny that the deletion had anything to do with this.

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Taking to Instagram to explain his actions (v. hip), Sheeran explained that it was just a coincidence that he deleted Twitter at that time and he had been planning on doing it for a while now:

Yeah I mean in fairness to the guy he did say that he had stopped looking at it a while ago, but it’s still kind of a coincidence that he did end up deleting it just at the time he was getting the most obscene abuse ever on it. Just saying.

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