A Gamer Has Recreated The Cast Of ‘Tiger King’ In ‘The Sims’

Pretty neat.

The only kind of content currently worth talking about other than stuff related to Coronavirus is stuff related to Netflix’s excellent documentary ‘Tiger King’ and thankfully there’s a surplus of that around as well to keep us from being completely bummed out about the pandemic that is taking over our lives.

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The latest cool ‘Tiger King’ bit comes courtesy of someone called Kari Nicole McKendrick who has painstakingly recreated some of the main characters from the series on ‘The Sims’. Not really sure why she’s decide to do that but I guess she’s in lockdown and people are gonna take a look at it and be like ‘whoa that’s neat’ so why not?

Yeah that is pretty sweet isn’t it? I especially like the picture of Travis, Joe Exotic and John Finlay at their wedding which is a dead ringer for the scene in the TV series.

Kinda wanna see Kari create the rest of the cast and the zoo and then stick them in there and see what happens though, don’t you? Realise that will probably take a while to sort out – if it’s even possible, I’ve never played ‘The Sims’ sorry – and might not even have the same results as the show, but why not when you haven’t got much else left to do at the moment now you’re in lockdown? Come on Kari.

For more of the same, check out this Twitter thread about a load of other crazy stuff that you didn’t find out about in the ‘Tiger King’ documentary. Seriously messed up.


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