Be A Rockstar lets you play one of those cool interactive adventures games only instead of having to save a princess or something you get to be a rockstar.



Black XS by Paco Rabanne is a perfume/aftershave. I never wear perfume/aftershave and don’t know much about it but it’s described on its website as ‘a fragrance for a new generation of men. An audacious and provocative scent; A fragrance for tough guys with a tender heart, or for her, an elixir of seduction wreathed in mystery. A scent of contrasts, with an exciting ambiguity. An ultra-feminine, carnal and sensual fragrance.’ Sounds pretty sexy right? Apparently it’s been available since 2005 and rocking people ever since then. 160,000 people like it on Facebook so it must be doing something right.



What’s really cool though is that Black XS has always marketed itself with cool musical content and experiences throughout its history. Now, it’s taking that to the next level with its new ‘Be A Rockstarcampaign. Black XS has partnered up with Universal Music to bring you a dynamic music platform, www.be-a-rockstar.com, that offers exclusive musical content and is opening the doors to the largest catalogue of artists in the world.

The Be A Rockstar website also allows access to unique musical content from artists such as Kaiser Chiefs, Cold War Kids and Two Door Cinema Club. These are known as the Black XS OFF shows. There are nine episodes that will come out almost weekly until the end of the year and these can be viewed on the Be A Rockstar site as well as their YouTube channel.  Here are some pictures from the OFF shows:

The Be A Rockstar campaign aims to catapult Black XS into the limelight associated with the rock n roll scene, and aside from the OFF shows there is also a pretty high quality kind of ‘adventure game’ you can play at www.be-a-rockstar.com/uk/experience (a bit like King of Kings 3) where you get to see what it’s like to live the rock ‘n roll dream. It takes a picture of you and puts it on someone’s face and then you have to do stuff like muscle your way through the paparazzi, sign autographs and scream ‘yeah’ into a microphone on stage.

I wouldn’t say it was akin to my sojourn into the music industry (admittedly punk rock is a long way away from rock and I was never really that big time) but it’s actually a whole load of fun and a good way to waste ten minutes or so – and we all know Sick Chirpse just loves whiling time away – and as such the Be a Rockstar website comes highly recommended. Everyone wants to be a rockstar so you might as well check it out without all the effort!

For more info on the brand or the campaign, visit www.pacorabanne.com or the Black XS Facebook page here.

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