Lou Reed Vs Metallica

This could be the worst idea in the history of bad ideas.

This might be the worst music I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it’s that terrible and I know that Shoey agrees with me but I guess I want to see what other people think about it too. Lou Reed and Metallica have teamed up to create a new album called ‘Lulu’ which is going to be released on Halloween this year. That’s kind of fitting because it’s kind of scary how terrible this first track sounds. Like it’s truly, truly terrible.

I’ll admit I’m not really a fan of Lou Reed or Metallica – although I’m definitely more into Metallica then the Velvet Underground or any of Lou Reed’s solo stuff. Gotta love that video to Whiskey in the Jar man. And the snare sound on the St Anger record – and I guess bearing that in mind, I’m kinda biased in saying that this is crap but it really is bullshit.

I don’t know why either Metallica or Lou Reed would think that it would be a good idea to team up and make this trash.  The blurb at the start of the video says that they were inspired by a German visionary named Frank Wedekind who wrote a series of plays over 100 years ago about a woman named Lulu who was both a muse and a mystery. Cool story bro. I guess these plays must have been pretty desperate if they’re to blame for Metallica and Lou Reed making these tracks. I’m certainly not inspired to check out the work of Frank Wedekind, that’s for sure. Ever.

Granted, I’ve only heard the first song but it doesn’t inspire me to ever listen to it again let alone the rest of the album. It’s just a really awful, sludgy gross dirge of a metal riff played over and over again while Lou Reed mumbles incoherently about crap over the top of it in his stupid voice/vocal style. It gets A BIT better when James Hetfield starts singing but I was kind of put off by the fact that he said ‘I am a table’ over and over again. The last minute is probably the best as its just lead guitar and there are no vocals, but anyone with a brain will have probably turned off by then. If you want to check it ou, the video is below but be warned – it really is terrible. If anything has come of this collaboration,  I guess  at least Metallica have sorted out that snare sound.


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